5 Pool Cue Brands

Top 5 Pool Cues Brand To Choose

Billiard is considered as the most besotted games that the players play while their free periods or during the weekends. Selecting the Best Pool Cue Sticks On The Market for the play is the most important and the hardest thing to do. After the hectic long day at work, when you get some free time, then it is best to play billiards that will not only refresh your mind but also relax you. Just like the other sports, billiard cues, also require some fascinating tools and accessories in order to play a game. The top pool cues are the mainly important accessories and are used to strike a cue-ball easily if you buy from the best brand. The professionals and the experts in this game need pool cues that are excellent in every way especially in the performance and design.

Top 5 best brands of pool stick to choose from

  • Viper Pool Cues
  • Players Pool Cues
  • Cuesoul
  • Trademark
  • Valley House
  1. Viper Graphstrike 58” 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite

This cue from the viper pool cue  is on top of the list because it is a good pool cue that comes under the budget which is only $50. It is definitely going to be your favorite pic because of its elegant design and pricing.

This cue can offer amazing durability while using a cue on a regular basis. The cues viper pools are the ones that are specifically used by the experts and professionals of this game across the globe. They come in attractive colors of maroon, blue, and black those are not only fascinating to look at but at the same time, they also give a nice grip.

The tips of the viper cue are made of high-quality leather that not only helps in aiming at the ball perfectly but also gives a good grip at the same time. The Veltex wrap used in the grip area makes it comfortable to hold and also prevents it from slipping on the pool stick.


  • High-quality grip
  • white and Black intricate joint collar
  • The standard weight of 18-21 oz.
  • Affordable


  • Does not comes with a flexible joint collar
  • Too big


  1. C-960 Players Pool Cue

Gift yourself or your loved one’s classy pool cue C-960 players that will complement your pool table as well. The renowned make Players pool cue manufactures some of the most fascinating and attractive pool sticks with utmost elegance and grace. It is attractive, stylish for which most of the experts and professionals love playing with these sticks. The pool stick is designed through a shaft crimson maple, and the bind of this has been made with the Irish Linen that provides the cue the exotic appeal.


  • Made up of maple shaft hard crimson
  • Stainless collar
  • Affordable
  • Thin 13mm with 29inches long shaft


  • The bubble at the neck ruins the look


  1. 57” Cuesoul House Bar

It is another popular pool stick manufacturing company that makes billiard pool sticks to give a balanced performance. This stick is available in the market through this manufacturer. To make the pool stick more durable, the Irish linen cover has been used that also boost the presentation as well. The tip of the cue is made up of 6 layers parched pig leather that helps in targeting on the balls accurately.

The ferrule fiber is used in the making of the cue to make it stronger. There are also other features that make the cue more amazing and a good purchase. You can ideally adjust the heaviness of the pool stick to get excellent strokes. All these features make the house bar Cuesoul 57” pool stick the best one to be in the 3rd position.


  • Comes with a runner bumper
  • Affordable pricing
  • Impacts higher with the leather tip
  • Made of American hardwood for excellent durability
  • High-quality fiber ferrule


  • Too cheap cue
  • Does not comes with a good finishing


  1. Trademark Global Billiard Pool Cue

The Trademark pool cue got its 4th position because of its affordability and amazing design. This pool stick comes in the two pieces that are manufactured in graphite and titanium composite giving it the top finishing. The cue comes wrapped with the resistant wrap that will assist you in playing a high-quality game on the pool table. The intend of this pool stick looks simply amazing with the black diamond art through a blue colored polish on it that makes the look completely eye-catching.

This Trademark pool stick has been designed for the players who love to play a game with extreme top-notch presentation. The pool stick comes with the complete black hard case that comes with a soft cushioning.


  • Affordable
  • Well-designed
  • Grip Slip-proof
  • 20 oz weight


  • The cue is not straight
  • Not a durable tip


  1. House Bar Valley

The amazing pool stick that is manufactured through the team is named as Valley-Dynamo. The set of four sticks can certainly get a number of cool greetings as of its durability. The company manufacturer makes use of high-density polycarbonate ferrule to improve the strength of the pool stick with perfection. These House bar Valley pool sticks have the capability of providing the best performances.


  • Four different types of sticks in one set
  • Made of leather tip
  • Made of the white fiber ferrule


  • Expensive
  • Performs fairly

These days, there are numerous pool cues available in market that makes it hard to choose the best one. Buying the best quality cue is something that you need to consider while buying the best cue for pool games. Most of the companies manufacture hundreds and thousands pool cues on each single day and for this people get confused looking at so many products in the market. If you desire to buy the best quality pool sticks, then you require to consider buying from the online markets after reading out the customer reviews.