9 ball pool rules

In the game of nine-ball pool, the most important things to follow are the rules. However, as compared to the other billiard games, this game is certainly the easiest one. While playing the 9-ball pool game, you need to know that it is a pool game perfect Pool Cues  On The Market  that is played one by one. If you are deciding to play the game with more than two people, you can divide your friends into two teams. If you are playing with your friends, you can make a team of three or four. This would not be beneficial if some of your friends are excellent players of the game while others are not.

  1. Deciding On Who Will Get The First Round

You can decide on who should go first by flipping a coin, but if you lag, it will become a much more entertaining and fun activity while deciding on the first player. When in an empty table, every player would place the ball just behind the head string. Each one of the player playing the game will get a chance to hit his cue ball at the same time.

The focus should be on making your  cue ball touch the farthest end of the table and then return to the other side as far as possible without getting towards the near ends or the sides. Whoever among the team members gets the closest certainly gets to break. You get a chance to try again if any of the two balls get to touch each other or if no one manages to get the hit of the balls without touching to the other side.

  1. Organize The 9 Balls Inside The Ball Rack

Select the balls named from 1 to 9 and then organize them inside the  ball-rack. The rack is basically of a diamond shape, place the 9 balls randomly in it get them in shape of a diamond when the rack is removed making one ball seem closest to the shooter.

  1. Hit The Balls!

Make the first player break down the diamond-shaped balls that were placed and let the player set down the white ball behind the head string. This break needs to pocket any one ball and then send at least minimum of three balls at any side. If nothing happens as such, set up the rack again and the second player tries and makes a move to break.

  1. Take Your Time To Pocket Your First Ball

The basic game rule is if you pocket a  cue ball, you get a chance to hit again. You need to continue taking your shots to get a pocket, or you get fouled ball in hand. When you get a foul cue ball in hand, your turn is given to the player next to you until the next round.

  • This also includes when you get a break. If you get a chance to pocket a ball, you get one more shot to try.
  • In all those 9 balls, you can only play on the white cue ball that does not come with any lowest numbered ball on it.
  1. Focus On Your Goals

In the game of 9-ball pool game, whoever gets a chance to pocket the 9th number ball, wins the game. This way, you can also win in the break as well. However, there are more rules that people follow that make the game more difficult and time taking than it sounds.

  1. Focus On Pocketing The Lowest Number Balls

Every time you hit a stroke in the 9 ball pool game, the cue ball needs to hit the lowest number ball still present on the table before it makes contact with any other  object ball. If your stroke comes into contact with any different ball or if it doesn’t hit any of the balls, the stroke would be a foul and is ball in hand.

  • You can pick your favorite pick from any balls without thinking about the penalty. For instance, the cue ball can touch the ball no. 1, then return and bring the 7th number ball into the pocket. This is certainly a logical shot that can help you win the game easily. You can also pocket the 9th ball this way and win the game altogether.
  1. Prevent From Making The Soft Strokes

When you hit any lowest numbered balls present in the court, you must hit at least any one ball towards the rail or pocket it. If you fail to do so, your stroke would be considered foul! Make your best shot after pocketing a 9th ball and focus on making logical and legal strokes.

  1. Place The Ball Anywhere When Your Opponent Fouls

This is the best part if you or your partner commits a foul called a scratch its ball in hand; an opponent gets a chance to pick up a cue ball ( ball in hand)  to place it wherever on the desk before making the stroke. The fouls ball in hand in this game include hitting the wrong ball first or unable to drive a ball into the side or pocket.

  1. Following The Pool Rules

The standard pool fouls are also important to be followed. Knocking any ball off the table or pocketing the cue ball or touching any moving ball or hitting the cue ball without your turn are all considered fouls. The opponent gets the move and hits the cue ball from anywhere on the table.

  • If the 9th ball is knuckled off or gets pocketed as a foul, then you need to spot the ball back to the foot spot or at least close to the spot possible.
  • If by any chance, a non-moving ball gets touched is not going to be considered as a foul, but the opponent player will get the chance to play from the same position or move it to the previous one.
  • If a foul takes place while push out, you need to follow the usual rules of the foul. The opponent player gets to decide where the cue ball will be placed and then takes the first stroke.