Difference Between Pool Cue and Snooker Cue

Many pool players especially the beginners don’t know the difference between a pool cue and a snooker cue. Pool cue and snooker cue is just two different types of pool cues that all players use for different pool games. Today we are going to tell you about these two types of pool cues Best Pool Cue Sticks On The Market so that you can select which one you will need. But first of all let me tell you one thing, pool cue, and snooker cue are completely different from each other.


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Snooker Cue:

Snooker cues are used to play snooker game. Snooker is different from normal pool game. Every Snooker player plays with snooker balls, and a snooker cue is used to hit the ball. There are 15 red balls on the table, and each ball is worth of one point. Snooker cues are normally 57-58 inch long, and its tip is 9-10.5mm in size. According to the size of snooker balls, the tip of a snooker cue needs to be a bit larger to hit the ball perfectly.

Most of the snooker cues are made of North American Maple wood to make the cue durable enough to last long. This wood is extremely strong and stable also so that players can play their game with more comfortably. Snooker cues are best pool cues to play snooker. The finishing of snooker cues might get a little bumpy because of its wood that is used to make the cue.

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Pool Cue:

Pool cues are normally used to play typical pool game. These cues have some similarities with the snooker cues. The main difference between snooker cue and pool cue is the tip size of these cues. The tip size of a pool cue is about 13mm, but some pool cues tip may get larger or a bit smaller than the standard size. To play normal pool, you need to select the best pool cues that will help you to play your game as you like. The weight of normal pool cues is about 18-21oz which means you can choose your pool cue as you want.

If you need a lightweight pool cue, then you can take a pool cue with 18-19oz weight. You can also choose the heavier weight pool cue if you need to hit your ball strongly. To break you need to select a pool cue with a bit heavier weight. Pool cues may have 2-piece for portability. 2-piece pool cues are best pool cues as you can carry it easily. These pool cues are used to connect with a screw. You can easily on and off the two pieces whenever you want.

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