Types of pool cues

What are different Types Of Pool Cues

If you are a beginner pool player then it will be hard for you to choose which the  best pool cues for the money are. But you can choose easily by going through our previous article of best pool cues. In that article, we described what you should consider while buying  the Best Pool Cue Sticks On The Market. Today we are going to write about the types of pool cues to get you all rid of your troubles to choose pool cue type. Many of them out there always get confused about which type of pool cue they need to buy, whether it is snooker cue or pool cue or American cue or English cue also more info about cue ball.

Types of Pool Cues
Best pool cues for advanced players
  1. Snooker Cues
  2. English Cues
  3. American Pool Cues
  4. Ramin Cues

So let’s see the types of pool cues with a little description then I think it will be easy for you all to choose the type of pool cue and the cue ball.

There are four types of pool cues –

The different  Types Of Pool Cues

  1. Snooker Cues:

Snooker is different from typical pool game so the best snooker cues is also different from normal pool cue sticks. The length of a snooker cue is about 57-58 inches long and it is made from ash trees. The tip diameter is 9-10.5mm and the tip is connected with a brass ferrule. The ball of snooker game is 21/16” in size that’s why to hit the ball perfectly it requires a bit bigger tip in compare to English pool.

Almost every Snooker cue use materials used from hard rock North American Ash tree as this wood is strong, straight and stable enough to deliver a great professional performance also they have a leather tip. Snooker pool cues are best pool cues and typically two piece cue stick. Some are stainless steel.

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  1. English Cues:

English cues are almost same as snooker cues as the English cue materials are almost same as Snooker cues. You can separate these two cues by comparing size and length of cues. English cues are 57” inch in size and there is an extra butt in the pool cue that allows players to reach on some long shots. The game is played with a ball which size is 21/4” and to hit this cue ball it requires a tip size of 8-9.5mm cue tip.

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  1. American Pool Cues

American pool cues are awesome to play pool and pool players prefer them . These cues are usually made with premium  maple wood and the length is about 57-58”, which is standard size. The size of the ball to play this game is same as English pool game. As it is made with maple wood that’s why the tip needs to be much bigger to hit the ball. So, the tip size is 12-13mm, which is so big. You can have a variety of weight in American pool cues as there are 18-21 oz different weights are available most good ones are two piece.

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  1. Ramin Cues

Ramin pool cues are normally used in the pubs and clubs to play pool. These pool cues come with in one piece. For the economic purpose, these cues are produced largely. With the purchase of pool table, these cues come with the pool table as a bundle. These cues are perfect for light use. Many use Ramin cues because it is cheap in price also with the two pieces and the pool balls. The tips are not attached to the ferrule using glue that’s why there are always chances to miss the cue. So, this type of pool cue is not best pool cue.