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how to get better at pool
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Pool is a game that can be played with friends, competitors, and even alone. It can help improve your concentration and strategy. You must understand the ball trajectory and memorize specific numbers and figures. Besides that, the pool can prove beneficial in improving your posture and flexibility. This game could be a passion, hobby or just sport for you, but it cannot be denied that it is a fun and exciting game. It is now considered chic and America’s hottest game that requires a sharp mind and thoughtfulness we review lots here including cheap pool cue sticks.

Another interesting thing about the pool is that the more you get immersed in it, the more you have to learn. Everyone needs to make a few adjustments in their game once in a while, even the experts. Your game can easily lose a game if you aren’t attentive, even if you have experience and know what you’re doing. In this article, we are sharing a few tips with you that’ll prove useful when you feel like your game needs some changes. While you are at it check out best pool sticks


Practice is the one overreaching rule, which can help you get better at anything. But players who don’t know what or how to practice won’t find it helpful. That is why we say practice your break. At a certain skill level, a better break shot could help you win. Generally, you should break ahead if you are playing 8-ball or at a certain angle if you’re playing 9-ball. At break shot, you will be able to at least pocket one ball legally. This will give you the chance to shoot again. It will also determine whether you will be hitting solids or stripes in the remaining game. A good break shot can put your opponent in a bad position.


All games that use the ball require balance. This also includes a pool. You must make sure that your stance is balanced and strong. Don’t stress yourself; it is of no use in the pool. Stay firm and flexible at the same time.  Your stance should be strong enough to be able to withstand a shove on the hand shooting the ball.

Choose the ball wisely

Whether you want to play solids or stripes, you must make a decision that works in your favor. You may think that it doesn’t make much of a difference if you choose solids or stripes for the rest of the game if the table is open in 8-ball. But depending upon the position of balls on table it could be a very important decision. You should take your skill level, and that of your opponent’s into account before making a decision. But make sure that you take a good look around the table too.


You don’t have to be a brainiac to be good at this game. When you play for a while on the table, you start to understand how the ball moves on the table and the amount of power you put in through the cue stick. You still need to know your angles. One of the fire sure way to longer runs in the pool is through angled shots. Walk around the table and observe the difficult shots from various angles. This way, you would also know where to rest of the cue ball so that you can be ready for the next shot. Angled shots offer you much more cue-ball positions compared to straight shots.  You can create a sight ball by placing the cue stick near the object ball pointing towards the pocket. This will help you a lot in creating a sense for the kind of shot you need to make. Knowing your angles will help you immensely.

Check your body mechanics

In all cue games, the only thing that you can control directly is the cue stick. Your impact on the cue ball and object balls is indirect and very little. So, whenever your game is not going how you want it to, then the first thing that you should examine is your body mechanics.

Develop a ritual

Consistency can help you develop better skills in any game, and the pool is no exception. Being consistently good means that you must win more than you lose. That is why it is better to make a process that you go through every time you make a shot. This process doesn’t need to be complicated. Write all the actions that you want in your shot. You can then practice these things every time you make a shot. This may include things such as deep breathing, relaxing, observing your angles, noting offensive and defensive points, and noting your ideal shot. When you develop a process or ritual, you can stay focused even under pressure.


Betting a few bucks now and then can make the game fun and exciting. It brings energy to the table. It can also help you handle game pressure. Raising stakes can prove beneficial, just don’t overdo it.

Keep the cue parallel

I know we said to angle your shots but don’t place too much angle in your shot. Try to keep your cue parallel to the table as much as possible. You will have to bend a bit depending upon your height. It may seem a bit difficult in the beginning if you’re used to angled shots, but when you practice it, you’ll notice a big difference.

Better competitors

If you want to play a better game, the chances are that you’ll learn more with those who are better than you. Always compete with players who know more and play a better game than you.

Chalk properly

Before you hit a shot, make sure that your cue is chalked well. It will make sure that your cue doesn’t slide off.


There are many ways to improve your game, and the above few are not the only ones. However, you should be able to do better if you stick to even a select few from this list. Take it slow, do not try to do everything at once. Getting better requires time, effort, and consistency. We hope that this article proves helpful to you.


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