Whats the Best Pool Cues in the World

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The parameters you need to consider while buying the best pool cues are derived from their materials, construction and functionality. You may choose wood or composite materials made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, metal and ebony. Sure to be a smash against any pool balls 

Best Wood Pool Cues

Players C-960 Classic Crimson Birds-Eye Maple

  • Materials: The classic cue is made of Bird’s eye Maplewood shaft, stainless steel collar, hard oak leather tip, and Irish linen wrap. The maple is made of stronger grain structure with high tensile strength and light weight. The medium stiffness factor makes the material ideal for long and short range hits. The material has a higher durability compared to the other types of maple. The hard oak leather tip gives better energy transfer ratio onto the cue ball and reduces the deflection angle. The steel joints help in enhanced force of impact.
  • Construction: The 76.2cm x 4.4cm x 2.5cm dimension of the Players C-960 Classic makes it easy to hold, aim and hit. The moderate weight of 544 grams makes it an ideal choice for the intermediate and expert level of players. You can experience better hit feel and increase the hit force according to your specific requirements. Balancing the cue after the hit is through is an important factor that makes this pool cue preferred choice. The 5/16 x 18 steel joint-collars enhances the hit force. The Irish linen wrap absorbs moisture and gives you absolute grip over the pool cue.
  • Functionality: You can experience the best hits and accurate deflection angle while playing with the Players C-960 Classic. The balanced structure of the cue lasts longer without having to wax it frequently. You can achieve the top trajectory speed and angle of the hit with this best cheap pool cue. The gliding of the cue is smooth and the impact on the cue ball is impressive.

Viper Signature 57″ 2-Piece Pool Cue

  • Materials: The two piece pool cue is made of Canadian Maplewood, ABS joint, leather tip, nylon wrap, rubber bumper and fiber ferrule. The wood is relatively tough in nature and hence it as longer durability. The ABS material has good tensile strength and it gives a sensitive hit-feel. The 13mm leather tip helps in getting better control over the ball, especially when you need to angle the hit to the best precision.
  • Construction: The Viper Signature 57″ 2-Piece is flexible and portable. The nylon wrap gives you flawless grip and it is moisture resistant. The approximate weight of the cue is 595 grams on the higher side and 510 grams is the minimum. You can balance the cue to get high power hits and reduced deflection angles. The fiber ferrule can transfer the energy from the bumper onto the tip without any losses. Moreover it can also transfer the reverse impact from the tip onto the bumper effectively. You can feel the force you have used every time you hit the ball. It helps in changing the force and angle according to the changing situation in the game.

Best Fiber Pool Cues


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Scorpion SCOSNK 18.0 Pool Cue

  • Materials: The Scorpion SCOSNK shaft is made from the combination of fiberglass and ash-wood. The ferrule is made of threaded fiber. There is no wrap and it has a rubber bumper. The joints are made of pure stainless steel for enhanced tensile strength and durability. The shaft has a European tapper for warp free design and flexible body.
  • Construction: The Scorpion SCOSNK is a professional grade pool cue that is stated to be custom made for Johnny Archer (four times world champion). The diameter of the core shaft is 29” made of ash wood, known for its strength, flexibility and power. The cue weighs 907 grams and has a dimension of 50.8cm x 10.2cm x 10.2cm. They are relatively higher compared to the other models listed here. But you can get better control, grip (even without a wrap), hit-feel and impact force that is required at the professional levels. The 14” pro-taper and the plastic insert make the pool cue highly flexible in nature. The brass parts enhance the aesthetic appeals of the pool cue.
  • Functionality: You can experience the best functionality of the Scorpion SCOSNK 18.0 with its shaft and tip construction mechanism. The construction makes it possible to get the best features for top spin, side spin and back spin. With the relatively heavy weight you can also hit the cue ball over short distances with the stun shots. The Elk-Master tip allows you to position it from multiple angles to get the top spins without losing grip over the cue.

Cuetec Cues Denali Series Pool Cue

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  • Materials: The Cuetec Cues Denali Series is made of the combination of SST fiber and a hard core maple wood. The fiber has a combination of high strength carbon, nickel, iron, chromium and other alloys. The Ferrule is made of high quality ABS.  The joints are made from high quality stainless steel. The tip is made of laminated pig-skin and the wrap has a firm gripping Irish linen.
  • Construction: The construction of the shaft with wood and fiberglass makes it highly durable and flexible in nature.  Near zero drag level with high impact hit are coupled with smooth flow between your fingers. The shaft is highly resistant to warp and dent. The 29” X 15.5” X 13mm dimension with stainless steel joints make the pool cue highly flexible and fast. The weight of the Cuetec Cues Denali Series ranges from 538 grams to 595 grams. The series is highly ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced level players.
  • Functionality: The material and the construction of the Cuetec Cues Denali Series make it possible to have better control over the cue ball at high power hits. The lowest levels of vibrations can result in high level of accuracy and reduced deflection angle. The Acue-weight system makes it possible to balance the weight between your fingers while aiming at the cue ball from multiple angles. The black finishing to the cue makes its aesthetic appearance highly professional and elegant.

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