Can A Pool Table Be Kept in A Garage?

Can A Pool Table Be Kept in A Garage
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Some individuals consider their basement to become the finest (or only) location for a billiard table at home. There is plenty of capacity for a table, assuming you have a single vehicle driveway. If you’re not gaming, you could even leave sufficient space in the garage for a vehicle to share.

One can also transform the area into a tiny pool room with seats, a refrigerator for your preferred refreshments, a sofa, as well as a Television when you would like to go all out. However, all of this brings up the discussion of whether or not putting a pool table in a garage is a good idea.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. When you’re considering placing a billiard table in your basement, keep reading to learn everything you need to know to get your answer.

Can You Keep a Pool Table in A Garage?


Can A Pool Table Be Kept in A Garage

A pool table may undoubtedly be placed in a garage. It’s a fantastic spot for one. However, there are some things to consider when going table hunting. 

These factors can be the slope of the ground, the environment wherein you reside, the amount of room necessary, the style of a billiards table, as well as the inevitable tearing and wearing issues.

All these need addressing.  The incredible thing is that converting a garage into a great space for a billiards table doesn’t need much money or effort.

How Much Space Do You Need for A Pool Table in Your Garage?

Many folk’s garages are used to store equipment, motorcycles, gadgets, cartons, and various other items whose histories are unknown.

As much as we’d want to deny it, we know ours have been just the same. It’s tempting to see a half-cleaned area in the carport and assume there’s enough space for a billiards table.  here are some tips for players willing to make the investment to have a home pool hall.

However, many individuals misjudge the amount of room required to play pool effectively. Therefore, here’s a rundown about how much storage space in a garage you’ll need for a pool table.

  • You’ll require 14′ by 18′ of garage space for a pro-style 4.5′ X 9′ tabletop games.
  • You’ll require 13.5′ by 17′ of room for a 4′ X 8′ tabletop.
  • A minimal 13′ by 16′ area is required for a 3.5′ X 7′ tabletop.

Given that a 2-car carport must be at least 22′ X 20′, you must look more closely at the area to ensure that you do have whether it is sufficient or not. You will also need to consider height, width , length and shape the table will take up

It might be large enough to accommodate a shorter tabletop while still utilizing one end for a vehicle, but that relies on what shelves or stores you currently have in existence, if there are any.

What Type of Pool Table is Ideal for Your Garage?

Pool Table in A Garage

The weather will infiltrate the garage if you invest a significant amount of money turning it into an enclosed, climate-controlled space. As a result, buying a Slate Surface billiard table for the garage is often a good idea and of the best quality.

The experts do not only use slate bed tables, but they will also withstand deformation and endure a good number of years. Because slate is a kind of bedrock, it is unaffected by dampness. With some maintenance, a slate bed table in the garage should last years.

The MDF bed pool table is a less expensive option. This is a Medium-density fiberboard. It’s made up of a smattering of tiny wood fibers that have been crushed together as one and treated with moisture-resistant additives.

Even though the wood is sealed (something, not every MDF table is), it will eventually deform. The MDF tabletop would last a few years before something begins to distort to the point where it affects your gameplay. you also need to consider the cloth or felt stay dry.

Slate bed tables often have a more robust framework architecture that can withstand both the weather which creeps into the carport and natural tearing and wear from gaming. Slate bed tables are the optimal option for the carport for these factors. These, on the other hand, aren’t wholly immune to dampness and severe temps.

  • How to Keep a Pool Table Safely in A Garage?

A pool table may be kept in a carport if a few changes are made to the area to preserve the place and make the setting extra pleasant. To safeguard your pool table purchase, establish specific measures to guarantee that the hardwood would not get bent, making it challenging to play.

  • Insulation

Insulating the garage is the most excellent answer to all of the above problems. Even three layers of insulation may assist keep the place warm in the winter and cool in summer.

However, adding insulation to the door frame does not remain a significant endeavor. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Insulation is relatively inexpensive and straightforward to implement.

  • Prevent Warping

The foundation of specific pool tables is constructed of hardwood. When contrasted against the slate bed pool tables, all of those are lightweight and less expensive. For how wood warps with wetness, they are much more vulnerable to the adverse effects of shifting thermal environment, especially humidity.

Wood may stretch and compress as it gets chilly or hotter, causing warping. Temperature changes may lead to moisture creation, rendering the wood and linen wet and cause severe damage. Whenever the wood on a billiards table warps, the top becomes uneven, affecting the gameplay.

Since the pool balls would all travel forward into a depression in the table due to the gravitational pull, it is critical to maintaining the panel’s sturdiness by avoiding warping. The billiards table may be protected against warping by temperature control, moisture, and providing insulation to the room.

  • Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier may help preserve your pool table from moisture penetration when you reside in a region with excessive moisture.

Obviously, air conditioners can assist in eliminating several of the moisture particles from the garage, but in some regions, a dehumidifier will be required. Many gamers sometimes discover that a dehumidifier is sufficient on its own.

  • Temperature Control

There are some options for controlling the temperature in the carport. It’s preferable to maintain the pool table at a consistent and reasonable temperature since this will make the area more pleasant to stay longer with your friends while gaming.

  • Space Heater

Space heaters may be utilized to warm the garage during the chilly colder months. The main disadvantage of utilizing space heaters, though, is that they might increase your electricity costs, and sure, space heaters might provide a fire danger if left unsupervised.

Since it’s not a good reason to leave space heaters on if you’re not at your home, they’re an excellent way to maintain the area warm while you’re gaming, but not for supporting the table at a consistent temperature.

  • Heater and AC Unit

Based on your apartment’s layout, you could be capable of connecting the garage to the current air conditioning system. If otherwise, a basic window air conditioning system or a mobile air conditioner would suffice.

A few of these mobile air conditioners may warm and chill, allowing you to have the best of all worlds. Alternatively, one may always invest in an infrared space heater to maintain your carport toasty throughout the winter.

  • Flooring Covering

Although insulating on the sidewalls, the concrete slab does not do too much to maintain consistent warmth. This is primarily a wintertime issue, but it’s a simple remedy. There are several garage floor treatments to choose from.

These may safeguard any balls which drop off the board from being smashed on the cement by helping to cushion the floor. Although billiard balls are durable, even minor chipping may alter the ball’s behavior on the tabletop. Obviously, once you have any older carpet lying around, it may be used to cover the garage floor in a hurry.

  • Spacing

The carport would need to have sufficient capacity for the participants to completely stretch their billiard cues and elbows to strike the ball to provide adequate space for the billiards table.

It is imperative to maintain the garage free of automobiles such that you will not have to lift the garage door as often and have the maximum space in the garage. It may not be wise to cram a vast pool table into a small garage since the participants won’t get sufficient room to move about.

  • Better Ventilation

Maintaining a well-ventilated area might also assist in minimizing relative humidity levels. Employ the HVAC system if it is attached to the carport. Ceiling fans or upright fans are also another alternatives for increasing ventilation in a room.

How Can You Make Your Garage More Comfortable for a Pool Game?

Maintaining a suitable temperature in the cellar is critical for maintaining the pool table’s condition and making gaming enjoyable.

Because a pool table is a fantastic location for family members and friends to get together, why not convert the garage into a cozy atmosphere with chairs and a small fridge? Here are some suggestions for improving the garage’s pool-playing capabilities.

  • Add Lighting – Gaming in low-light conditions is much more challenging and might result in more mishaps. Providing more illumination to the garage, whether that’s placing ceiling lights or bulbs in the garage, will assist in maintaining the area adequately lighted.


  • Add Refreshments – Store beverages and snacks in the garage near the billiards table, so you don’t have to go back into the house to get something. A small bar or a small fridge in the garage might improve the billiard table’s appeal as a hangout area.


  • Add Seating – There will be moments when individuals wish to settle down and relax while enjoying or playing the game. Inside the shed, put extra seats around the pool table, ideally bar stools tall enough for guests to view the gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Keep My Pool Table: Outdoors or Inside the Garage?

Pool tables may be seen outside at many pubs and in people’s houses. Many outdoor pool boards are excellent and still play nicely.

It’s even preferable to keep a pool table inside your garage since your garage will be under control and surveillance during different environments in terms of temperature and moisture.

How Do I Level the Pool Table in My Garage?

To determine equilibrium, utilize a smooth pane of marble or glass.

  • Embed the marble in the center of the glass panel. When the pool table is square, the ball will roll in position.
  • Reverse the procedure on the opposite side of the table. On the pool table, place the marble and glass 2 to 3 inches apart from each hole.

How Much Does a Slate Pool Table Cost?

A pool table’s price is mainly determined by its dimensions, components, and condition. On average, the latest 4x8ft slate table for household utilization costs $1800-$3000. This same-size tabletop with an MDF (wood) surface, on the other hand, is much less expensive, costing around $700 to $1500.

How Can I Keep My Pool Table Waterproof?

Use a long-lasting overlay. If you’re not gaming on the pool table, invest in a waterproof protective layer that will surround the pool table, pool balls, and other equipment.

How Far Does a Pool Table Need to Be Away from the Garage Walls?

For a stroke precisely perpendicular to the wall sides and with the pool object snug against the fence, you’ll require roughly 4 1/2 feet around the pool table. Most strokes are taken at an inclination, with the ball away from the railing, requiring less space.

Final Thoughts in conclusion

So, Can You Keep a Pool Table in a Garage? Absolutely! The garage is an ideal location for maintaining a pool table at the household for training or enjoyment. The major problem with a pool table in the garage is maintaining low moisture levels and comfortable temperatures.

You also have a good reason to place a dehumidifier or air conditioner inside your garage. You may also install carpeting to the flooring, a mini-fridge for beverages, soundproofing to the sidewalls, and more illumination to the garage to create a more excellent place to enjoy the pool.

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