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Rules for Nine Ball ( pool)


Today I’m going to explain to you the rules for playing nine ball. Nine ball is played with nine balls racked in a diamond shape. The person will break the balls and then if he makes a ball he will continue shooting, shooting at the lowest numbered ball first. He has to hit the lowest numbered ball. If he does this and another ball should accidentally fall in, that ball counts and he continues shooting. He will continue shooting until he misses and then the next person will come up and he will take his turn at the table. Whoever makes the nine ball is the winner of the game. Whether you make the nine ball by a combination like the one into the nine, or whether you make the nine last.

You win the game. Now when the person breaks if he does not make a ball in the break, the next person or the next shot, after the break, whether it be the person who just broke and make a ball, he has the option of pushing out. If he pushes out to any place on the table then his opponent has the choice of whether he will shoot that shot or whether he will give that shot back to the person who broke the balls. If it’s your turn to shoot and you don’t have a shot that you want to shoot at, because it’s too hard to make the ball or it’s too hard to play a shape you can do something called the safe.

What you do there is you have to make a good hit on the lowest numbered ball and you have to send that ball to a rail or another ball to the rail or the cue ball to the rail. If you do this then you made a legal safety. What you are trying to do is to put the cue ball behind some blocking balls or put the object ball in such a position that it can not be hit head on with the cue ball, it has to be kicked by going to a rail. They play a thing called Texas express, if in Texas express if you are shooting at a ball and you were to foul, a foul would be not hitting the lowest numbered ball, scratching in one of the six pockets, knocking the ball off the table, knocking the cue ball off the table.

Then the person that is his turn to shoot will come to the table with cue ball in hand. What that means is he can put the ball anywhere on the table that he wants to and then proceed to shoot. So those are pretty much the rules of nine ball and as I said you shoot them in rotation, you shoot the lowest numbered ball first and whoever makes the nine ball wins..let us find you the best pool cue for your game of Pool

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