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top pool cues in the world
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Posted : November 5 2021

The pool is a game of skill, talent as well as entertainment. The best high end pool cues is also known as billiard and snooker. If you are looking forward to buying best pool cues in the world to take your game to the next level. In the pool cue, you need to look for low deflection pool cues which means you can control the cue ball greatly. A good pool stick can improve your game a lot. Your aiming, accuracy, and control over each shot will increase so much by using the  pool cue on the pool table.

Today we are writing about best high end pool cues by researching on the internet.

To find out your best high end pool cues you need to go through this post.

Here is the list of  pool cue in the world –

Best High End Pool Cues Comparison Table

Pool Cues BrandReview & PriceExpert's Rating
Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap Pool CueReview
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Cuetec R360 Edge Series 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard CueReview
Check Price
Tiger Cue Icebreaker 2 Break/Jump CueReview
Check Price
OB Rift Break Cue Rubber Grip Black with Control Break Shaft Review
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Predator Cues – Predator Air 2 JumpReview
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Pool Cue in the World – Top 5 Detailed Reviews

#1 Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap Pool Cue w/Z-3 Shaft

best pool cues in the world

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The magician of pool Efren Reyes who took the pool into to highest level used this Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap Pool Cue. He is one of the greatest pool players the game has ever seen. He could control the ball so perfectly that everyone got astonished every time he played. Efren Reyes is a Filipino pro pool player and he won over 70 international titles. One of his greatest achievements is the win of the world championship and that is also in two different disciplines.

The Predator Sport 3 Pool Cues is a two piece pool cue fully packed with world-class features that helped the cue to get the 1st position in the list of  pool cue brands in the world. Predator is the name of professional pool cue brand. They don’t make cues they create cues with high-class quality. It is a four-piece hard maple pool cue that has tunable Uni-Loc, Weight Cartridge System and world-class shaft with low deflection.

The design of this cue is fantastic and extraordinary, which will take anyone’s breaths away. The manufacturer used Victory Medium tip. Adjustable weight system lets you play your game like Efren Reyes.

  • Pricey

Bottom Line –

Overall the pool cues is made with premium quality materials and its design is greater than any other best pool cue brand out there and a pool cues . If you are a fan of Efren Reyes than you can have this  pool cues to play like the champion its one of the best.

#2 Cuetec R360 Edge Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cues

best pool cues in the world

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The 8 ball king Shane Van Boening has won many games by playing with the Cuetec R360 Edge 58” Pool cue. He is the top American pool player who has the talent to play pool like a pro and doesn’t even miss his single shot if there is a distraction. He is the master of running out. In 2007 he got the U.S. Open Championship title by using this pool cue. After that, he became the top player in America by winning several more titles that include the World Cup of Pool and the Derby City Classic 9-ball. About the Cuetec R360, Van Boening said that “ The Cuetec R360 pool cue brand has a better feel, better aiming system, and more importantly better control.” So, now you know why the Cuetec R360 pool cue is in the review of pool cue brands in the world.

The Cuetec R360 best pool cues brand  has so many features, that’s why Van Boening choose this pool cues to play with it. With Tiger Everest 10-layer pig skin tip the pool cue makes it easier to control the ball. As it is a 2-piece pool cue its joint is made with stainless steel so that you can strike with it strongly. R360 means that it can deliver you 360-degree radial consistency to get the most accurate hit and control over the shot.  The poolcue is made with grade A Canadian maple that gives it a smooth finish.

  • Tip quality is better
  • Better performance
  • Stainless steel joint ensures durability
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased shot control
  • Adjustable weight system
  • No cons found while reviewing this poolcue

Bottom line –

The pool cues will be perfect for those who want a professional pool cues with good design and affordable price.

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#3 Tiger pool Cue Icebreaker 2 Break/Jump pool Cue

best pool cues in the world

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The Tiger pool Cue Icebreaker 2 Break/Jump poolCue is used by the top pool player Dennis Orcollo sometimes called Dennis Orcullo. He is a Filipino pro pool player who won so many titles in the pool. He won several big titles such as WPA World Eight-ball Championship, US Open 10-Ball Championship, World Pool League Champion, and Asian Nine-ball Tour, China Leg. In 2006 Dennis Orcollo won the title of World Pool League Champion. He got the Predator International 10-Ball Championship two times, one in 2009 and another one is in 2012. Many of them he won by using the Tiger cue Icebreaker 2 pool cue.

The poolcue can be used as a break pool cues and also can be used as a jump cue, that’s why Orcollo chooses this pool cue to play his pool game. It is a professional pool cue with lots of cool features and dashing design as well. It has a 13mm 29” Tiger IB High-Performance Shaft. The manufacturer used an Icebreaker Tip to this pool cues to make it stronger to hit balls. Another most amazing feature of this pool  cue is that it has no wrap. The  pool cue is unique in its performance and design. It is a 3-piece poolpool cue which ensures that it is a portable pool cue. You can use this poolcue for long or short jump shots. Weight adjustment system allows you to take a break or jump shot easily. This is one of the best pool cue brand used by the professionals.

  • Break and Jump shots can be taken with this single  poolcue
  • Easy portability
  • Superb controlling
  • Extreme durability
  • High-quality shaft is used
  • Wrap is missing
Bottom Line –

If you are looking for a professional pool cues to be the next champion then you can surely buy this pool cues. As you know this pool cues is used by the professional player Dennis Orcollo.

#4 OB Rift Break pool  Cue Rubber Grip Black with Control Break Shaft

best pool cues in the world

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Allison Fisher the female World Champion Pool player used the OB Rift Break pool  Cue to win the championship. Allison is from England and she is a professional snooker and pool player. She is passionate about her pool game and won many titles. She started to play snooker when she was only 7. At the age of 17, she got her first world title. She won over 80 titles in her whole career. In 2013 she was runner-up in the Ultimate 10-Ball Championship and got the 3rd position in WPBA Masters in the same year.

The OB Rift Break  pool Cue is an extremely designed pool cue that anyone can get attracted to this pool cue. It has a graphical black design. The grip of this cue is made with black rubber that helps to get a better grip. Its handle is constructed with Straight Line Core (SLC) technology to deliver you the most amazing feel while playing. There are different weights available for this cue which starts from 18 oz and max 21oz. From this weight variation, you can choose your one with perfect weight to play like champion Allison Fisher. This pool  cue is surely one of the best cues in the world.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Better accuracy
  • Good control over shots
  • Excellent grip
  • Can be used as a break cue
  • Price is a bit high
Bottom Line –

To improve your game you need a professional pool cues like this. So don’t waste your time on some cheap pool cues get it soon and see the difference yourself.

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#5 Predator Cues – Predator Air 2 Jump

best pool cues in the world

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If you know Joe Tucker then you must know how brilliant he is in playing pool. To get most of the titles the Predator Air 2 Jump Cue helped him. Joe Tucker was a US Army Soldier who didn’t think that he might be a good pool player. He started to practice pool at night while he was in the army. In 1991, he won his first title 7 Rhod eISland State Championships. He got the Joss NE 9 Ball Champion Snookers title in 2006 and invented the American Rotation patent in 2013. He is a brilliant pool player.

The Predator Air 3 Jump Cue got the 5th position in this list with its affordable price. This is the best professional pool cue out there within this price range. As we all know a good professional pool cue is high in price but not this one. With a unique matt black finish, the pool cues looks extremely good. The maple shaft of this cue is great for jump shots and its size is 29”. With a phenolic tip, the cue can hit balls with lots of control. You can get great powerful shot with less power because of its Linen Phenolic Ferrule. You can finish your game with style with this pool cue as it is a light-weight cue. This is one of the best cheap pool cues with a professional performance.

  • Good looking design
  • Good durability
  • Increased performance
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Excellent control
  • Affordable
  • Tip quality is average
  • Joint is poor 
Bottom Line –

The cue is perfect for those who want a professional pool cue with affordable price.

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