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pool table accessories
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Being an 8-ball or 9-ball lover, you will surely want to have your own pool table very soon. Once you buy a pool table, there are several other accessories you will be needing along with it. These accessories will enhance and add more spirit and enthusiasm to your game. This will not only increase your love for the game but also help you maintain your pool table.

Some of the must-have accessories include the following:

Pool Balls:

The pool tables usually do not come with pool balls. Once you buy the pool table, pool balls are the next target. Without pool balls, the table and the game itself makes no sense. The sets for 8-ball and 9-ball are different. You can buy the pool balls according to the one you like more. Also, you can get more than one sets but initially, one is enough. Undoubtedly, high-quality balls add excitement to the game.

Pool Ball Racks:

The next very important thing is the Pool Ball Racks. Setting up the break is the first task and for that, you need the racks. As the pool balls are to be tightly racked in a diamond shape, setting up without rack takes quite some time. A quality Pool Ball Rack eases setting off the game. Make sure you buy a one with good quality as the poor quality racks get worn down after some time. With them, it is not easy to get a tight rack for a solid break.

Pool cues and heads:

To get the accurate shots or to make a shot in the first place, you need a best pool  cue. Cues are used to break your rack and shoot the balls throughout the game. The game cannot be played without the cue, so it is one of the essentials of the game. However, there are many different types of cues and heads available. There are categorized as beginners, regular players and professionals. Make sure you get the one according to your level of expertise.

The cue heads are usually for the beginners who want to improve area of stability and reduce sideways movement. The cue heads will help you take your game to the next level very soon.

Pool Table Lights:

Pool Table Lights come in different styles and sizes. You can buy the one according to your area of setup and the environment. These light can be hanged from the ceiling or with the wall. They can be found in traditional as well as modern styles according to your taste. The enthusiastic players love to enrich their experience and for that, pool table lights are of great help.

Also, as they vary in range and price, you can find the one that suits your budget.

Pool Cue Racks:

Buying a cue alone is not enough. You will surely not like to leave your cues leaning on a wall or table. Leaving them just like that makes them dirty. Also, they can get damaged by falling from the wall or table, or maybe you misplace it. Instead of investing on the expensive pool cues again and again, it is better to buy pool cue racks or holders!

These racks and holders are portable and you can easily place your cues in them as the game ends, until next time.

Scoreboards and scoring beads:

The score can be lost when you are too involved in the game. To make sure that doesn’t happen, various scoreboards and scoring beads are available. It helps you maintain the score without any cheating. The scoreboards can be hanged with walls or above your pool table with ceiling.

In case of scoreboards, they are either digital or the score can be written with hand. In case of scoring beads, a single bead scores a single point. One player has the light scorers, the other player has black. They keep the game neat and easy. Also, they add up to the pool environment.

Pool Table Covers:

If you are an avid player and a pool lover, you know how much the maintenance matters. Getting yourself a pool table means spending quite a good amount. The best is to spend a little more and get your pool table a good cover. It is better to invest a little more in its cover at the time of purchase rather than buying a whole new table after a year or so.

These covers make the maintenance easy and do not require a lot of effort in cleaning.

Pool Table Felt:

If you are a pool freak, you must know that even high-quality pool tables start wearing off after a time. The first part to show signs of wear and tear is the pool table felt. Once your pool table felt gets old, it hinders your game. It is not possible to play a pool game with a rough surface. So, here comes pool table felt as another necessary accessory.

Instead of finding a pool table felt after the old one wears off or gets damaged somehow, it is good to already buy an extra one while you are purchasing the pool table.

Pool ball cases:

As there are racks and holders for the cues, there are ball cases for the pool balls. Where will you keep all your balls after playing the game? Leaving them on the table is not a good option. They will start losing their color and the shine, which adds up a lot to the game. So buying a pool ball case or holder is a good decision right when you buy the pool table and the balls.

Pool Table brush:

When it comes to the cleanliness and maintenance of your pool table, you should not compromise a bit. A pool table brush is a great investment for a long-lasting table. The pool table brushes keep the surface clean and spotless.

So, these are some of the accessories you need when you buy a pool table. It is good to invest a little more at the time of purchase rather than looking for replacements and new stuff after the old one tears off.


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