10 Best Pool Cue Cases of All Times

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Pool cues are a significant investment for people who play pool, whether they are hobbyists or professional players. As pool cues do not cost little, they need to be maintained and protected. For this reason, getting them a case is the best idea. A pool cue case keeps dirt and harsh weather conditions off your pool cue. 

Pool cue cases come in various sizes, designs, and materials. It might be challenging picking the right one for your pool cue. This guide is going to help let you make a confident purchase. 

What to look for in a pool cue case? 

Before we get into product reviews, let’s look into some important factors that make a good pool cue case. These are:

  1. Size 

Size is the most important factor. Cue cases come in different sizes. Quotients like 1×1, 3×5 explain the size of a cue case. For example, 3×5 size means a cue case can store 3 butts and 5 shaft tubes. Choose the size according to a number of cue sticks you have. 

  1. Material

Cue cases are made of different materials. Broadly, materials are divided into soft and hard. It is important to pick a suitable material to keep your cues safe. 

  1. Durability

Getting a durable cue case is crucial. It ensures you need not invest in another cue case anytime soon. 

  1. Budget 

A pool cue case should fit in your budget. You can even find a cue case that cost higher than the cue itself. But, there’s no need to go over the board here. 

These factors will help you choose the right case for your valuable pool cue

Top 10 Pool Cue Cases

Here’s our list of top 10 pool cue cases you will find on the market:

1. Iszy Billiards 3 x 6 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case

Iszy Billiards 3 x 6 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case

Here we have another cue case coming from the house of Iszy Billiards. I loved this cue case due to the ample room it offers. 3×6 size means it can carry 3 butts and 6 shafts. 

This makes it the best cue case for professional players who have different cue sticks and need to keep them in one place. 

Featuring vinyl covering, it is a hard pool cue case. This makes it strong and durable. It comes with an adjustable strap making it easy to carry over your shoulder. Also, it has internal dividers to secure your additional accessories. Soft cushioning and heavily cushioned bottoms keep your cues and accessories safe. 


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable strap
  • Large storage space 


  • Expensive 
  • Corners are bit sharp
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2. GSE Games and Sports Expert 1 x 1 Hard Pool Cue Case

Iszy Billiards 3 x 6 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case

GSE Games and Sports Expert is a well-reputed name when it comes to the sports market. This 1×1 pool cue case has a vinyl covering and hard exterior design, making it a durable pool cue case. Coming in pink color, this is a very attractive cue case. However, men might not prefer this pool cue case. 

Despite being a hard pool cue case, it is very lightweight. It carries one shaft and one butt, which means it is a good pool cue for beginners who have a single cue stick

There are divider tubes inside which help you store different pool accessories. Soft cushioning keeps cues and accessories safe. The shoulder strap is adjustable, adding convenience to portability.


  • Hard exterior
  • Soft interior
  • Easy to carry


  • Pink color might be good for girls only
  • Holds one cue only
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3. Iszy Billiards 2 x 2 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case

Iszy Billiards 2 x 2 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case

Iszy Billiards is another reliable pool cue, case manufacturer. Its 2×2 hard pool cue carrying case has 2 butts and 2 shafts. This means it can store 2 complete pool cue sticks.

It has enough storage space to keep other accessories as well. The pockets allow you to put in your tips and chalks. The inside of this pool cue case is divided to make your desired things easily accessible. 

Made of vinyl covering, this pool cue features hard material. This makes it a durable cue case. Also, it can accommodate 30” shaft and butt. You won’t regret investing in this piece. 

As it comes in black color, it is a unisex pool cue case. 


  • Accommodates 2 cue sticks
  • Hard vinyl covering
  • Lightweight and durable 


  •  A bit pricy
  • Not suitable for everyday use 
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4. Lucasi Brown Leatherette Soft Pool Cue Case

Lucasi Brown Leatherette Soft Pool Cue Case

Here we have a soft cue case on the list. Lucasi Brown Leatherette Soft Pool Cue Case is made of leather, which is a soft material. Even though this cue case features a soft material, it is very durable. 

It has a velvet lining to protect against scratches and bumps. There are several zipper pockets to help you store your accessories. There are 3 medium and 2 large-sized pockets. This allows you are keeping your essentials with you in your cue case. 

Another great thing is its 4×8 size. You can store 4 butts and 8 shafts quite easily. Carrying handle is also convenient; however, not adjustable.  


  • A lot of storage space
  • 4×8 size 
  • High-quality construction 


  • Non-adjustable handle
  • Not very light 
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5. Collapsor 1 x 1 Hard Pool Cue Case

Collapsor 1 x 1 Hard Pool Cue Case 

Collapsor is another great pool cue case for beginners. If you are looking for a simple, one cue case, this is a considerable option. Even though it is made of leatherette material, it is a hard cue case. 

It features ample storage allowing enough space to keep your accessories with your cue stick. Its adjustable strap adds to convenient carrying. As the strap is super comfortable, you won’t feel much weight over your shoulder. 

Despite its soft texture, it is a durable cue case. Overall, it makes a great option to consider. 


  • Super comfortable strap
  • Durable
  • Good storage space 


  • Soft outer texture
  • Suitable for one cue stick 
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6. Champion Gator Vincitore Elite LC4X2B Soft Pool Cue Case

Champion Gator Vincitore Elite LC4X2B Soft Pool Cue Case

Champion Gator is a well-known name in the pool industry, and its Vincitore Elite LC4X2B is one of the best cue cases out there. If you have been looking for an ultra-durable cue case, this is the one. 

It features high-quality leather material adding to its longevity. This cue case is going to be your cue partner for years. With extra padding inside and double-stitched construction overall, it is a great cue case. 

It has 2 breathable mesh pockets that allow you to keep accessories. Due to mesh design, you can access your required accessory easily. 

It is designed to store 2 butts and 4 shafts securely. Its padded shoulder strap adds to its portability, making it easier to carry. 


  • Durable leather 
  • Double-stitched construction
  • Padded shoulder strap


  • Mesh pockets might tear
  • Expensive 



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7. Casemaster Q-vault Supreme Hard Pool Cue Case

Casemaster Q-vault Supreme Hard Pool Cue Case

Casemaster Q-vault Supreme features hard construction material in the form of leatherette. It offers extra protection to your cue sticks and accessories. Its 2×2 size allows you to store 2 complete cues. 

It includes a removable pouch to store your accessories. So when there are no accessories to keep, you can remove this pouch. 

When it comes to the design, it is sleek and modern yet professional. Its hard material increases strength and durability. The carrying handle with adjustable strap makes it convenient to carry. 

It features high resistance against bumps, and so, you need not worry if your cue case accidentally falls. 


  • Removable pouch 
  • Extra protection
  • Resistant against bumps


  • No separation inside 
  • Joint protectors might turn faulty over time


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8. Outlaw 3 x 5 Nexus Vinyl Pool Cue Case

Outlaw 3 x 5 Nexus Vinyl Pool Cue Case

Outlaw Nexus Vinyl Pool Cue Case is the most unique cue case on the list. It features vinyl construction in tan brown color, which makes it very catchy. The material appears to be very hard on the outside. 

Coming in 3×5 size, it can easily store 3 butts and 5 shafts. The back has a zipper style storage space to keep your necessary items. The shoulder strap is handy and provides a soft grip. 

On the inside, there are spring-loaded tubes that allow easy access to the cues. With its convenient and unique construction, this cue has been the talk of the town. 


  • Great for everyday use
  • Keeps 3 complete cues
  • Durable and safe 


  • Quite expensive
  • Not ideal for beginners 


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9. J&J Champion Leather 3 x 6 Hard Pool Cue Case

J&J Champion Leather 3 x 6 Hard Pool Cue Case

This J&J Champion cue case is one of my personal favorites. Given its large size and hard, leather construction, this is the best cue case for professional pool players. 

Its 3×6 size allows you to keep 3 butts and 6 shafts. Now, what else do you need? Its leather construction makes it durable and incredibly safe. Your cue sticks stay highly protected. 

Also, it comes with a side handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. You can carry it anyway you want. The storage space features a small and large pouch to store your accessories. As the inside has dividers, it keeps your cues out of contact. 


  • Ample storage space
  • Highly durable
  • Different modes of carrying 


  • Not good for traveling 
  • Can’t store 30”+ butt/shaft


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10. Han’s Delta 3B6S Hard Pool Cue Case

Han’s Delta 3B6S Hard Pool Cue Case

Han’s Delta 3B6S Hard Pool Cue Case comes with a solid built and professional design. It is made of vinyl covering and which makes this black case quite hard. You can keep 3 butts and 6 shafts in this case. 

With its heavy padded bottoms, it keeps the cues secure. This soft cushioning is not going to damage your cues at all. Also, it is wear-resistant. 

When it comes to portability, it has an adjustable strap. You can carry it over your shoulder. However, the strap does not come padded and connected to the case. 

It has pockets to solve your storage problems. You can keep your chalks, tips, and other important accessories. 


  • Vinyl covering
  • Storage pockets
  • Solid construction 


  • The strap keeps coming off
  • Not convenient to carry 


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Buying Guide


Why does inside of the case equally matters as that of outside? 

The outside of the case plays an important role in keeping your cues protected. If the cue case falls, the material should be solid enough to resist any kind of loss. However, when it comes to the inside, it is equally significant. 

So when you are buying a cue case, you need to pay special attention to the inner built. Some cue cases have a moisture-wicking lining to keep your cues safe while others come with padded bottoms, dividers, and soft cushioning to avoid contact and rattling. 

These are some of the features you should notice. 

What are some types of cue case materials? 

Cue cases come in different materials. Broadly, there are two: hard material and soft material. 

Vinyl, plastic, wood, and leather are some common construction materials, otherwise. 

A soft cue case is built of thinner material. It is easier to lift and carry as it is lightweight. However, it is less durable and offers lesser protection as compared to any hard case.

A hard case, on the other hand, provides great protection. It is made of solid material and is extremely durable. 

In some cases, it is mixed construction even though the title might specify one of these. Choose wisely!  

Does the size matter? 

Yes, as long as you cannot afford a separate cue case for all your cue sticks. However, that will make transporting your cue sticks really difficult. 

Choose the cue case according to a number of sticks you have, or you are going to have. As a beginner, you might go well with a 1×1 cue case, but later, you can end up regretting your purchase. 

Keep future prospects in mind to make an informed purchase. 

Final Thoughts

The pool cue case is a valuable investment. It provides safety and protection to your cue sticks. This has led to increasing demand and popularity of cue cases. So if you are an enthusiastic pool player, you will not like to damage your cues in any case. 

The best pool cue case, in my opinion, is Iszy Billiards 3 x 6 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case. It offers ample storage and has solid construction. Also, there are internal dividers along with soft cushioning. This keeps your cue sticks safe and in place. 

If you cannot choose your cue case, I suggest going with this one.

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