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For pool enthusiasts, getting a top quality snooker cue having the right length and weight is a matter of life and death; a little deformity can mess up your precision leading to missed shots. Therefore, no matter how skilled you are at aiming scores, the tool (snooker cue)  must compliment your skillset to become a pro. That being established, we have constructed a guide to purchasing the best snooker cues on the market. We answer questions like what is the difference between a snooker cue and a pool cue and What are the best billiard pool cue sticks for snooker. Why Having a top snooker cues can improve your game. 


  What Are 10 Top Snooker Cues In The World?

Mark Richard 3/4 Piece Handmade Snooker CueCUESOUL Handcraft 3 4 Jointed Snooker CuesCue Length: 57″
Cue Weight: 18oz
Tip size: 9.5mm

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Weichster 3/4 Snooker Cue BCE Snooker Cues – HER-300 snooker cueCue Length: 57″
Cue Weight: 18oz-20oz
Tip size: 8.8 to 9.6mm

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Mark Richard 3/4 Piece Handmade Snooker CueMark Richard 3/4 Piece Handmade Snooker CueCue Length: 57″
Cue Weight: 18-19.5 oz
Tip size: 9.5mm

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BCE Two-Piece BLUE Mark CueBCE Two-Piece BLUE Mark CueCue Length: 57.48″.
Cue Weight: 18-20oz.
Tip size: 9.5mm

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Weichster 3/4 Snooker CueWeichster 3/4 Snooker CueCue Length: 57-1/4″
Cue Weight: 17.5oz-19.5oz
Tip size: 9.3mm-9.5mm

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Riley METALLIC BLUE 2pc CueRiley METALLIC BLUE 2pc CueCue Length: 57″
Cue Weight: 18-19oz
Tip size: 9.5mm

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Jonny 8 Ball SPIDERJonny 8 Ball SPIDERCue Length: 45″ (sizeable to 57” cue)
Cue Weight: 17 – 20 oz
Tip size: 8mm

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Grand-Handmade 58″ CueGrand-Handmade 58″ CueCue Length: 58″.
Cue Weight: 18oz – 20oz.
Tip size: 9.5mm.

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BCE 2 Piece Ash Pool Snooker CueBCE 2 Piece Ash Pool Snooker CueCue Length: 57.09″.
Cue Weight: 17 – 20 oz
Tip size: 9.5mm

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Riley RONNIE O’ SULLIVAN 2pc Ash SnookerRiley RONNIE O SULLIVAN 2pc Ash SnookerCue Length: 52″
Cue Weight: 17.5oz – 190z
Tip size: 9mm

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1)      CUESOUL Handcraft 3 4 Jointed Snooker Cues

Our #1 Choice 

best snooker cue

image taken from amazon

With a perfect cue length  of 57”, this snooker cue can be held at any tactical position firmly. But for better aim, CUESOUL comes with an extension to play the trickiest shots with ease. The weight and length ratio are perfectly balanced, which means playing won’t be a hassle making it one the best snooker cue. it is a 4 piece cue  come with a nice cue case for cues snooker.

This best snooker cue comes with four durable and sturdy splices, and the mini butt is made with walnut ensuring strength and longevity. To make it last even longer, the aluminum cue case protects it for accidental deformities. The snooker cues tip size is around 9.5mm, big enough to hit the most powerful shots accurately. This truly my favorite out of the choices of the top snooker cue sticks.


  • The length and weight are excellent for any user.
  • The snooker cues walnut made butt gives a sturdy feel.
  • It gives out high-quality stroke play.
  • It is highly durable. and like the best snooker cue


  • The grip is pretty slippery.
  • The tips are not as sturdy as the rest of the body.


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2)    BCE Snooker Cues – HER-300 snooker cue

The snooker cues standard cue length of 57” ensures proper handling for the snooker cues. The feature that makes this stick stand out is its flexibility; you can choose any weight between 18 to 20 oz and tip sizes between 8.8 to 9.6 mm. Therefore, you would be able to go a cue length with your personal preference.

During play, outstretching can be a risky move. You can avoid that by using Youse Pool’s butt extension that gives you extra length to make a tricky hit. Moreover, this pool cue is fitted with four splices designed with Canadian ash making it a top choice for best snooker cue. I would say this is runner up favorite just due to quality of this stick

The best snooker cue comes with a decorative leatherette case having the sole purpose of protecting your cue and its extensions from environmental hazards.


  • The snooker cue external length can come handy on many occasions.
  • The snooker cue artistic casing surely attracts some eyes.
  • You have many flexible options.
  • snooker cue is strong and durable.


  • The tip is not smooth.
  • The cue gets loose sometimes.

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3)     Mark Richard 3/4 Piece Handmade Snooker Cue

Mark Richard 3/4 Piece Handmade Snooker Cue

It is clearly a blend of traditional and best snooker cue designs having an artistic appearance. The mini butt has 4 secondary splices with vibrant colors while the shaft gives out an antique feel. It is perfectly straight with a cue length of 57,” and you couldn’t be happier with its quality.

While the pool cues instructions may say that the tip might need to be shaped before use, but it is not necessary — the cue can be used right out of the box. It comes with a butt and telescopic extension to give you a helping hand on the pool table.

best snooker cues is available in a range of weights from 18 to 19.5 oz so, you can select as per your personal choice. The best snooker cue comes with a black and white leatherette case that ensures it retains its original shape.


  • The quality of the material is top-notch on these snooker cues.
  • You can choose the weight of your choice.
  • The artistic looks make it stand out.
  • The extensions come in handy a lot.


  • Without the case, it is pretty vulnerable and can deform with a single fall.
  • The tip is not durable on these snooker cues.

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4)     BCE Two-Piece BLUE Mark Cue

BCE Two-Piece BLUE Mark Cue

We couldn’t just leave this  best snooker cue state-of-the-art snooker cues behind because of its impressive looks and top-notch quality. You can get it in a number of weights ranging from 18-20oz, which is a pretty convenient option to have, especially for players having specific preferences. While the length measures a little over than  cue length 57″.

Overall, it feels nice, and the butt extension is sturdy and does not get loose even with a vigorous motion. The bluish finish sets it apart from the rest of the cues in the list — not to mention the logo, which looks flashy. Moreover, it comes with a butt protector that safeguards the stick from


  • Rubber butt adds an extra layer of protection.
  • It is available in variable weights for these snooker cues.
  • It has a unique design with a smooth finish.
  • The shaft is made with high-quality ash grain.


  • Some areas feel rough, but it doesn’t affect the play.
  • It gets slippery with sweaty hands.

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5)     Weichster 3/4 Snooker Cue

Weichster 3/4 Snooker Cue

This smartly designed best snooker cue can be an asset to your collection, giving the fact that it has some immensely helpful features — one of them being the weight range of 17.5 – 19.5oz. Also, you can select the size of the tip, which varies from 9.3mm-9.5mm.

Weichster is assembled with 15 splices, which adds up extra protection in the overall construction. Form butt to the shaft, the stick is smooth without having any rough edges, and it gives out a strong feel while playing a shot. Manufacturers have thrown splices of real wood, which ensures longevity.


  • The range of weight is ideal for professionals.
  • It does not slip during shots.
  • The overall construction is sturdy.
  • It is an economical option.


    • It does not come with a warranty.
    • The casing is small to incorporate all its extensions.

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6)     Riley METALLIC BLUE 2pc Cue



It’s a masterpiece having hybrid functionality for both pool and snooker — the quick release central joint is behind its dual nature. The tip is lined with 9.5 mm leather, which ensures that you hit the right point on the cue ball. Its overall length is 57″ with the wider end protected with rubber butt.

The metallic blue butt is the signature of this product, which not only feels sturdy but has a durable polish over it. The 28″ shaft, on the other hand, reflects resilience and strength due to its brass ferrule ash construction.

It comes with a casing having a protective layer of vinyl to deflect moisture. On the inside, the case has a divider that separates the stick from the extensions so that they don’t bump into each other.


  • The rubber butt gives additional protection.
  • The water-resistive casing deflects moisture.
  • It has a perfect length for the shaft.
  • It looks impressive.


  • Due to the metal handle, it is heavy.
  • The vinyl protective layer dissipates with time.


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7)     Jonny 8 Ball SPIDER

Jonny 8 Ball SPIDER

The optimum length is essential for playing snooker, but it is a hassle to carry it around. Behold Jonny 8 cue, which can be shortened from 57″ to 47″ due to its removable parts making it a 4 jointed snooker cue like the 3 4 jointed snooker. Also, it comes with many removable brass weight rings giving the wielder full control over the characteristic elements.

Its hybrid nature attracts a wide audience, as you can shift the butt from the longer end to the middle section and get into the pool matches. Further, the strength of the shaft is unquestionable — made from Grade ‘A’ North American ash.


  • The resizable option is a dream for many people.
  • The shaft is made with durable material.
  • It has a strong grip.


  • The rubber grip sometimes annoys.


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8)     Grand-Handmade 58″ Cue

Grand-Handmade 58″ Cue

Its unique design immediately attracts eyes making the best snooker cues. The quality cues feels extremely light in hands, giving you full control over the tool. Moreover, it comes with an extensive butt end that gives everyone  an additional length to play difficult cue balls. The lightness and fluidity of this product ensure that your skills are not held back.

It has everything you look for in a quality cue — a strong and durable Canadian Ash shaft, a 9.5 mm tip for precision, and a variable weight range 18-20oz. What’s more, it comes with a casing that is lined with a moisture resistive finish.


  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • The shaft feels strong.
  • 2 pieces quality cues
  • price for everyone


  • The case is small.
  • It is vulnerable to bumps and impacts.

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9)     BCE 2 Piece Ash Pool Snooker Cue

BCE 2 Piece Ash Pool Snooker Cue

Just like many others on our list, it also has a hybrid nature due to its quick-release central joint — suitable for both pool and snooker. The shaft is made with Grade ‘A’ North American ash with an optimum length of 28.35”.

Another advantage of having this cue in your collections is its rubber butt protection. No matter how many times you bump the end with the pool table, the stick is going to endure.


  • Butt has a defensive rubber.
  • It has a dual nature.
  • It is available in different weights.
  • best cues
  • cuescore


  • It chips fast.
  • It has some rough edges.


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10)  Riley RONNIE O SULLIVAN 2pc Ash Snooker

Riley RONNIE O’ SULLIVAN 2pc Ash Snooker

It is worth trying ronnie o sullivan because of its Ebonized 4-point butt, Elkmaster leather stick-on tip, and an aesthetic feel, which helps raise the confidence of the wielder. Out of all of the cues that we have reviewed so far, it is the most traditional looking.

It has a relatively smaller length of 52″ only good for a specific audience. Moreover, it comes in different weights 17.5 – 19oz, giving you many options to choose from.


  • It has impressive looks as it is a ronnie o sullivan
  • The grip is smooth.
  • The butt is protected by rubber.
  • great snooker cue


  • The butt is relatively thinner.


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Buying Guide

Material — shaft and butt

Commonly you would come across two types of shaft wood — maple and ash. Both work fine, but maple has a slightly upper hand. While for the butt portion, we would recommend you go for rosewood or ebony and make sure the butt has the standard width; otherwise, it would feel awkward.

One-piece or two-piece cues?

Both have certain benefits as one-piece cues are considered to be sturdier than the jointed ones. While the two-piece ones are easier to carry around, in our opinion, you would go for the two-piece cues because of their convenience.


Some products come with extra layers of protection, as we discussed before. Make sure the butt has a rubber safeguard as it is the part that frequently bumps into things.

Design and Appearance

That is an entirely personal preference, but let us make one thing clear; the flashier the design, the more expensive the cue will be. Therefore, choose wisely.

What is the best snooker cue brand?

If you are looking for the highest quality snooker cues, you cannot go wrong with Peradon. They are the oldest cue makers in the world, which means they know more about cues than anyone else. They are of the highest quality and have more experience than anyone. So if you’re looking to buy a quality snooker cue then you can’t go wrong choosing a Peradon Cue.

What cue does Ronnie O’Sullivan use?

Considered by most to be one of the top all-time snooker players in the world, O’Sullivan has entertained millions with his ability to do things that others simply can’t. He typically uses either a Hunt & Osborne or John Parris

What brand of cue does Efren Reyes use?

Though Efren Reyes retired from competing in 1997, he has stayed active in the pool industry. His involvement includes designing cue sticks for Mezz Cues. This Limited Edition Cue was made in collaboration with Efren following his own playing style requirements. It features Mezz Cues second to none craftsmanship and a solid feel that’s still a unique experience for players.

 What is the most expensive snooker cue?

 $150,000.00. To you, it might seem like a steep price to pay for a pool cue––but did you know that this is the most expensive pool cue in the world? The price tag on this one is $150,000.00.


We have shared a variety of versatile pool cues having some impressive features. Some tops other in dexterity while some have better looks. But one thing is undeniable; every one of the pool cue mentioned above serves its purpose one way or another.

Out of all of them, we have selected as number 1 CUESOUL 3/4 jointed snooker cue, which has everything you need to upgrade your skillset. It works both for people with intermediate and expert level skills, but if you are just working to increase your aim, then look for a cue with a smaller tip say between 8.7 – 9 mm.

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