Major Differences between Snooker Cue and Pool Cue

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Beginners usually confuse snooker cues with pool cues and vice versa. Only the experts and professional players can understand the true difference between the two. Whether you are going to play any of these games as a hobby or want to adopt them as a career, you need to learn the differences between the two in detail. Both of the games are different in terms of rules, number, and pattern of balls used. Snooker uses 22 balls while pool is played with 15 balls. Snooker has solid color balls while 7 pool balls are striped.

Difference Between Pool Cue and Snooker Cue

Similarly, when it comes to the cues, they look the same yet there are a few key differences. Let’s look into the major differentiating factors between snooker cue and pool cue in the following comparison table:

FactorsSnooker CuePool Cue
Cue Length57 to 58 inches57 to 58 inches
Cue tip sizeBetween 9 mm and 10.5 mmBetween 12mm and 13 mm
Cue FerruleMostly brassMostly carbon fiber
Cue Weight18 to 20 oz. 19 to 21 oz.
Cue MaterialNorth American Ash WoodAsh Wood or Maple Wood
Now, let’s discuss the differences in detail so that you get to know which cue is right for which game:


There is not a very prominent difference in the length of a snooker cue, and pool cue as both games use almost the same length for cues. Snooker cues and pool cues are usually 57 to 58 inches long.

The difference mainly lies within the types of pool cues. The English pool cues is 57 inches in length, while the American pool cue features 57 to 58 inches length.

Cue Tip

Cue tips are the major point of difference between snooker cues and pool cues. If you do not hold enough experience and expertise, it might not be noticeable when you just look at them. However, the cue tip defines the overall geometry and dimensions of a cue.

Here’s how they differ:

Snooker Cue Tip

Snooker cue tips are designed to offer precise and accurate shots. Therefore, they have smaller tips. Usually, cue tips measure 9 mm to 10.5 mm.

Pool Cue Tip

On the other hand, pool cue tips come with larger tips, ranging from 12 mm to 13 mm in size. However, the cue tips of English pool cues are even smaller than snooker cues, measuring only 8 mm to 9.5 mm.

So, if you are looking to play an original game and develop the right professional skills, it is important to get a suitable cue to practice shots with the right cue tip.


Ferrule is another important part of a cue. It is placed right after the cue tip. Snooker cues and pool cues use different materials for the ferrule to deliver the right handling and make up the required weight.

Snooker Cue Ferrule

The ferrule of snooker cues is usually made of brass. It helps adjust the weight as well as allows making a precise shot.

Pool Cue Ferrule

The ferrule of pool cues mostly comes made of carbon fiber. Players who get used to carbon fiber ferrule have a hard time getting used to brass ferrules.


Weight is one of the most crucial factors when playing snooker or pool game. It determines the accuracy of the shot. Also, it defines how much power you need to exert to make a perfect shot. Snooker cues and pool cues differ in weight. Each requires a specific weight so that the player hits with a particular strength.

Weight of a Snooker Cue

A snooker cue usually weighs around 18 to 20 oz. These are comparatively lighter than pool cues. Their lightweight helps hit the balls according to the rules of the game. As hitting snooker balls does not require much strength, snooker cues should not be heavy.

Weight of a Pool Cue

A pool cue weighs around 19 to 21 oz. As pool balls are heavier than snooker cues, they require more hitting strength. And so, in comparison to snooker cues, pool cues are heavier to deliver the required amount of strength.


The type of material is another defining factor when it comes to the difference between a snooker cue and a pool cue. Mostly, the cues are made of wood. However, they might have a layer of other materials such as graphite, carbon fiber or fiberglass to add to the strength, durability, and quality of a cue.

Type of Material for Snooker Cue

Snooker cues usually come made of a specific type of wood known as North American straight grained ash. Simply known as Ash, this wood is not only strong but also offers a higher degree of stability and needed control.

Snooker requires flexibility and so, snooker cues made of this North American Ash wood fulfill the key requirements of the game.

Type of Material for Pool Cues

Just like snooker cues, English pool cues are also made of North American straight grained Ash wood. However, the American pool cues are made of Maple wood. This is a sturdier material and is also a bit heavier.

If you have been playing with American pool cue for a long time, switching to English pool cue or snooker cue might be challenging. Your body and mind will take some time to adjust to the lighter weight and handling.

Final Thoughts

A pool cue differs from a snooker cue in geometry and dimension and it is important to have a difference because both cues are designed for two different games.

What results in the variation of these cues is the size and weight of balls that each game uses. It is simply unprofessional to hit snooker balls with a pool cue and vice versa. It results in loss of control, unprecise shots, and poor accuracy. You might also end up damaging your cue if you keep hitting heavy balls with a light cue.

It is best to pick the right cue to make the most out of your game!


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