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Pool cues are the most significant part of a billiard game. The size, weight and material of your cue ball determine the quality of your shots. Following are the things you must consider in order to pick the right cue for your pool table.




 Pool Cue Weight

In order to determine the weight best suited for your cue, you need to judge your own abilities. Knowing your weight and height is important to pick a right cue for yourselves and how to pick a pool stick.

Most cues range from 17 to 21 ounces but there are some exceptions. All the cue manufacturers make their cues according to these standard weights.

How exactly does the weight of your cues effect your shots? Heavy cue sticks trouble the player while drawing the stick on the other hand light cue sticks are difficult to control. You can buy a lighter cue stick then add weight later on. Most players prefer sticks that weigh 19 to 20 ounces.

 Pool Cue Size

Just like the weight, the size of your stick is just as important. While choosing your cue stick, be mindful of your own height. Short people and children use sticks ranging from sizes 48-52 inches while people with height above 6.5 feet should ask for a special stick that is 61 inches long.

But standard sizes for cue sticks are 57 inches and 58 inches depending on your preference. One-piece cue sticks are 57 inches long and is fit for beginners while 58 inches long two-piece cue sticks are fit for travelling.

 Pool Cue Straightness

Straightness of a cue matters in a pool game. You need to thoroughly check if your cue is straight without any bumps and abnormalities on the surface one way to check is by looking down from its bottom after keeping it at your eye level.

This test is particularly important while picking your stick through a used stack, but if you are buying a new stick then it highly unlikely that a manufacturer will ship out a faulty stick.

 Pool Cue Tip

Choosing a tip for your cue stick is just as important as buying a cue stick. All the energy and weight of your shit us directed towards the tip of your stick. Different tips help you in your game differently. There are tips ranging from super soft to hard.

Soft tips absorb more force and stay in contact with the cue ball a little longer, this method is best for adding a spin to your cue ball. Since the material is soft and absorbs more impact that’s why it needs to be replaced more frequently for better performance.

On the other hand, hard tips don’t require much maintenance and are unreliable while making long shots. But they are consistent and hassle-free.

Most cue sticks come with medium tips and they are also the preferred choice of numerous players. It offers the combination of both soft and hard tips. Players get the spin that is special for soft tips as well as the consistency of the hard tips while using medium cue tips.

Not only the material but the diameter of the tip is important for your shots to land home. Following are the different diameters used:

  • 13mm is the standard tip size for most cues and is efficient when it comes to pocketing balls. It’s difficult to get a good sidespin if your stroke is weak.
  • 50 mm allows your ball to sidespin more but since not much surface of the stick hits the ball then the chances of missing it completely are higher.
  • 75 mm increases your chances of getting a good sidespin on your ball but it also increases you chances to miss the ball completely.

Test your cue sticks

Testing your cue sticks by playing few shots will help you better understand your needs as well as the makings of the cue stick. It is essential to go for the one making fewer vibrations when connecting with the cue ball.

If your cue makes loud vibrations that means your shots will be affected from these vibrations. The vibrations become an unknown factor in your carefully planned shot and a player can never determine this variable. Look for a stick with fewer vibrations.

 Pool Cue Wrap

The butt of your cue stick helps you determine your shot. This is the place you hold often with your back hand while playing pool. If your hands are sweaty then you won’t be able to execute your shots the way you intend to do so getting a wrap for your stick is necessary.

There are different options available for cue sticks wrap such as rubber wraps and linen. For better absorption, use Irish linen or leather. Rubber wraps are not ideal if they are not of high quality. They deteriorate faster than the other mentioned wraps.

 Pool Cue Budget

If you want to buy a budget billiards pool cue stick, then picking the one most suitable for you becomes more important. Most professional sticks start from $500+ but if you are a beginner and just want to practice your shots instead of playing in big leagues then around $100 is enough to buy a good quality cue stick.

 Pool Cue Brands

There are number of famous brands that you can trust when it comes to buying a cue stick. But keep in mind that different brands facilitate different requirements of customers.

For example, we have luxury cue sticks brands that make cue sticks for their elite customers then we have brands that see to professionals and lastly brands for novices that keep the needs of a beginner at the forefront while making their sticks.

You need to browse through their websites and shops to understand which one these brands can better equip you with the kind of cue stick you need.


Picking a right cue stick for you is no easy feat. There are so many variables that you need to account for like size, weight, material, brand of the cue stick, as well as your own height, weight and technique. The key to pick a right pool cue for yourself is getting to know your play well enough.


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